The city has received bids from contractors for the construction work of the well site. In early March of this year the city solicited bids from pre-qualified contractors to perform the installation of underground utility pipelines along 400 South and other city streets which is a necessary first step in the construction effort for this project. The bid will be awarded mid-November 2022.

Also beginning in November, is the process of relocating an existing irrigation line (along 400 West) and continuing well development and testing. 

The City of Orem requested contractor Statements of Qualifications for construction of the Heritage Park 10 Million Gallon Water Tank Project. The Project includes the construction of the tank, pump house, pipe lines and well drilling. 

The purpose of the prequalification process is to select contractors the city deems to be qualified and capable of completing the Project in conformance with the Contract Documents. The prequalification statement from contractors included qualifications of personnel, relevant project experience, financial information, risk assessment and contractor certifications.

These listed contractors submitted Statements of Qualifications for the various phases of the Project.

Heritage Tank Schedule Nov 22 sh update.jpg

Water Tank


Dry Creek Structures


MGC Contractors

Sundt Construction

Alder Construction

Gerber Construction



COP Construction

S&L Inc.

Condie Construction

Red Pine Construction

Newman Construction

Pump House


J. Lyne Roberts & Sons Inc.

Vancon Inc.

W. W. Clyde

COP Construction

Whitaker Construction

Well Drilling


Hydro Resources

Lang Equipment

Layne Christensen